Our history!

In 2005 in the bays of Santa Cruz Huatulco Oaxaca, a young entrepreneur of low resources, but with great dreams of improvement, begins as a sailor in a fishing boat bertran mod. 80 with which he projected himself at the beginning, and began his career as a provider of tourist services, without leaving aside seeking to improve himself day by day, next to his wife and two children they begin a journey of entrepreneurs, both working on the subject of tourism.
In the course of two years he managed to get for sale a small boat, which he rebuilt and remodeled with his creativity giving a sporty style, this boat was a great obsession for the young entrepreneur who baptized it with the same name “Obsession” being a style to the liking of customers being a great success in the turn of this young man who had a great moral support from his family and which I reason it to continue looking for windows of opportunity to promote its services and always giving the best of itself in quality and attention to its customers being renumbered with good tips. in a short time you can pay for your first sales website and set up your first tourism company.
Working with credit cooperatives the purchase and sale of the next boat and van for land services is made and so on West Coast Huatulco DMC grows which is a family business from which there are now approximately 12 families that obtain sustenance and depend on this company being now an integrating agency of tourist services generating unique experiences to our clients with exclusive services, private and personalized attention based on 100% contact with nature with the aim of achieving a healthy balance between the mental, physical and emotional levels, resulting in a state of general well-being.

WestCoast Huatulco DMC

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